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Confessions of a Turtle

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  • marijsan@livejournal.com
I usually don't fill these things out but livejournal seems harmless enough; :p hi my name is mari. im a twenty-one year old, fourth year college student attending New York University where I was introduced to drama for the first time (despite being half japanese, haha). im a person who goes through waves of obsessions; first with dramas, then with arashi, then with arashi's dramas, then with drawing arashi, then with writing arashi fanfics, and now it's subbing arashi tv shows. I mean, i still do all of those, but subbing is just the latest one :D sho is my fav arashi member, but every few months i have "crushes" on one of the others. right now im totally crushing on aiba and im sooo excited for his drama. this livejournal is all for spreading the arashi love :D i love friends so feel free to add me; though comments are nice if you do so :)

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