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Mannequin Five #93

 It's a bit later than i said (what else is knew ^_^) but im finally finished translating/subbing the mannequin five segment of HnA #93
I just discovered Aegis sub a couple months ago so i did some experimenting with different fonts sizes and colors.  i did my best to structure and place things so its not so confusing, but let me know how i did for next time :)
i also had a bit of trouble with syncing as the sound and the video were off when i timed it, so the captions appear slightly slower than the video at times.  anyway it's a pretty funny segment and the boys are as adorable as ever.  plus, i got this available in 720p and reg for yall (originally from 1080p).  i just love clubbox.  speaking of which, does anyone know where to get raws these days?  it seems like no one posts them anymore, and i generally don't have time to look for them so i just uses clubbox. hm hmm hmm oh wells i can only sub every now and then anyway.

Sho does his best to be modest about his
recent successes...

Aiba defends his honor

Jun is jilted for Nino

And Nino's allergic to sand?

As usual, the mediafire links you'll need to join with hjsplit
HD Version (1280x720):
MUMF: 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008
SD Version (720x480):
MF: 001 002 003

as usual, please do not upload to any streaming sites, and enjoy :)
Tags: #93, himitsu no arashi-chan, mannequin five, subbed

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