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Ohno's new drama spot, 0 Goushitsu no Kyaku Translation

I noticed there wasn't much attention paid to Ohno's drama while
a lot was available for My Girl, at least what i could find so i did a
minimalistic search in Japanese and found the description
on Fuji TV's website.  It's not a perfect translation since they used
some rather confusing words that probably have more colloquial
meanings besides the literal meanings, but i suppose it's better
than nothing; :p
but it's a rather unusual sort of character for our riida to take, as you
will see reading further.  Also, Ohno is only appearing in a four part
special (four episodes, 15 minutes each) while Yokoyama Yu plays
the role of narrator for the entire show.  i only translated the ohno/yoko
bits so if you want to see the rest here is the original page
if anyone has more information or any other blurbs in japanese you'd
like clarification for, i can try and translate it.

oh and i included the japanese if you're still confused and want to figure
it out yourself

credit for image: jesychan@livejournal

0 Goushitsu no Kyaku (literally; Room Zero’s Guest)




Every Friday at midnight, Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi, Jonny’s popular talent, will begin a new drama sensation on Fuji TV for one month respectively, starring as lead actor along with Kanjani 8’s Yokoyama Yu who will narrate.



From October 23rd every Friday at midnight (15 minutes each episode), it has been determined that Fuji TV will be airing a new, novel and challenging, new drama sensation starring Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi, Jonny’s popular talent, and in the role of narration, Kanjani 8’s Yokoyama Yu. The program’s title is “0 Goushitsu no Kyaku,” (every Friday night from 1:05 to 1:20), and will air for approximately six months (two seasons) .


The setting is in Tokyo’s sketchy block, at the Western-style hotel, “Hotel Point.”   In this hotel’s room zero, antique and 80 years ago taste mix to form a room with a different sense.   There, visitors are people carrying many kinds of baggage.

The reason is, in this room zero there is an Air shooter, through nails and hair and the like, their own genes can enter and, mark as a person is returned.  It’s said that if this room is visited, your own person’s mark is clearly called forth.  It adjusts its mark according to the growth of people, changing fluidly.  In short, as people experience their daily progress, it adjusts the scores accordingly.  And, it’s said that unexpected actions influence the score’s ups and downs.


 人間としての点数の出てしまうさまざまな人々にどんな思惑があり、どんな結末が待ち構えるのか? 互いの点数が出るということだけで、この部屋で、何通りもの人間ドラマが生まれる。

Salarymen and hostess girls, couples bored with each other, a comic duo aiming for the M-1 champion, Yakuza boss and his minions; each person with their many kinds of baggage come to room 0.
As scores of various people end up appearing, which speculation arises, which end lies in store for them?  In this room only mutual scores appear, and accordingly, a human drama is born.

First Storyの「憧れの男」で、キャバクラ嬢と0号室を訪れるサラリーマンを演じる大野智は「人間に点数をつける“0号室”、台本を読んだとき自分の点数は何点なのか気になりました(笑)。また新たな自分が出せればと思います!」と意気込みを語る。

The first story is the “Dream Man,” when a salaryman, played by Ohno Satoshi, visits room zero with a hostess girl.  ““Room Zero” where the person is recorded; when I read the script my own situation is; I became nervous.  (laughs).  I think I can newly put myself out again!” with enthusiasm he retold to us.

And, throughout the entirety directing the events as the storyteller of “HOTELスペードマークPOINT”’s is Yokoyama Yu (Kanjani 8) “The setting is in “Room Zero”, seniors and members, and, I am looking forward to working with everyone and directors of various genres.  Since it’s a late night drama, with unique, interesting work, please look forward!!” he said.



 In the corner of the city, nestled dubiously in the overgrown wood, is the Western-styled, “HOTELスペードマークPOINT.” This “Hotel Point” in which a social problem was caused a rumor spread which became an urban legend of the existence of a “Mechanism for measuring people.”  And it is rumored that that machine was placed in “Room Zero.”  To lodge here, only the hotel’s manager Shiina (Yokoyama Yu) chooses the “Select Guests.”  The various people have a connection, they themselves brought forth their own mark as a start, what kind of drama will “Zero Room” reveal to us…!?

<First Story 憧れの男> 4


Academic, corporate, imagined life, depicted in order you can see the elite salaryman Hiruyuki (Ohno Satoshi) with the former high school dropout and hostess girl Miyuki (Tanaka Miho).  Betrayed by his fiancé, he despairingly visits the Hostess club and meets Miyuki, and somehow they begin passionately dating.  However, after dating for a few months, they experience a separation and, as an expedient to end their separation, they visit “Room Zero.”  The score was led by chance, Hiruyuki’s unexpected past…sure enough, the two’s conclusion is…!?


●出演 : 大野智、田中美保、城島茂、横山裕 ほか
●脚本 : 石原健次
●監督 : 白石和彌 (映画監督)

Cast: Satoshi Ohno, Miho Tanaka, Shigeru Jojima

Other: Yu Yokoyama

Screenplay: Ishihara Kenzi

Director: Kazuya Shiraishi


1023日(金) 第一話「吊り合わない女」
1030日(金) 第二話「es
1106日(金) 第三話「逆転」
1113日(金) 第四話「旅立ち」

October 23 (Fri) First Story "Does not match her hanging" 
October 30 (Fri) Second Story "es" 
November 6th (Fri) Third Story, "Reversed" 
November 13 (Fri) Fourth Story "Journey" 

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